Thursday, May 14, 2009

Proper Corset Materials

What are the proper corset making materials? That's one of the first questions that anyone looking to make their own corset asks. And honestly, anyone looking to buy a corset should be asking the same questions. Right now over on the Live Journal "corsetmakers" community there is a debate over whether cable ties can be considered a "Proper" corset material. You can see the debate here.

What are your thoughts on this debate? Is steel boning really the only "proper" material when it comes to boning a corset? What about the fabric? Is Coutil really the only right foundation material? Or is "proper" to you simply what gets the job done?

Does the answer change whether the corset in question is for sale or for personal use?

And finally, what materials have you made your corsets with? What successes and failures did you experience with each kind of material?


  1. My opinion on that LJ post would be: anyone who cares what someone else's corset is made of has too much time on their hands. I try to make the best corset (or any costume item) I can within the budget and time limit I have.

    I've only used cable ties once and they seemed similar in flexibility to whalebone in original 19th C corsets I've handled. They were also cheap and super easy to work with, so I'd recommend them. :)