Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sense and Sensibility Underthings in Review

I am fairly satisfied with the way the Sense and Sensibility chemise and short stays turned out (and yes I crisscrossed the lacing).  The stays I sewed completely on the machine (except for the eyelets)  and the chemise I did any visible stitching by hand. 

PLEASE NOTE::: The stays pattern is WAYYY big...measure first *i had to adjust even after measuring*

It took a good solid 3 days with the hand sewing but overall wasn't too horrid.  I also bought the downloadable version from the site so that took awhile to piece together but not too bad.  I have been super busy so I didn't track the progress but will hopefully be able to for the spencer jacket and bonnet.  Also stay tuned for men's regency wear!!! Cut away tailcoats and drop front breeches!  Can't wait to see everyone's 19th century fabulousness!  Hoping to see some steampunkers as well so I can chat a bit about upcoming events and good costume ideas ;)



  1. Looks fabulous! You are inspiring me to get cracking on my chemise. I always dread that part - it feels like such a waste of time for something that never gets seen.

  2. oh I know I usually rush through but I'm glad I took my semi-time on this one. We need to have a bonnet making day next weekend. I need your hat making expertise!