Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are you ready for some gadgety fun?

This Saturday Steampunk enthusiasts and DFWCG members will meet together to share their love of invention and costumes.  The location, The Generator coffee house; the theme, as inventive as you like.

For weeks now, I have been working on my new costume as well as favors to hand out to participants.  And I have to say coming up with these little favors has been a lot of fun.  I am one of those costumers who has admired the creativity of this Steampunk movement, but has never been very confident in reimagining the historical, which I'm more comfortable with, as fantastical and inventive.  This whole exercise of preparing for the Steampunk Social has been a fantastic journey.  I've learned that I'm more creative than I thought!  And I might just have some interest in hardware store jewelry.  Imagine that!  Has anybody else had this experience in learning this new genre?

One of the most amazing things about this costuming hobby is the potential of learning something new every day.  Many of you who are attending our social event have been costuming Steampunk for a while now and others are just getting started.  I hope that through our social gathering, we can all manage to share something new with each other as well as make new friends.  And I hope that this social is the beginning of more similar events to come.

DFWCG Steampunk Costumes of the Past:

Irving Steampunk Event (L-R) Dartpoly, Daniel, Sally, Maggie

All-Con 2009 (L-R) Amie, Jennifer

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