Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exciting Updates for the Costumers' Lost Weekend Retreat!

 The DFWCG has been hard at work planning the Costumers' Lost Weekend Retreat for July 28th.

This will be a great opportunity to socialize and wear costumes, but there will also be a chance to learn new things at Saturday's panels. The first two panels have been announced:

"Big Edwardian Hair will be presented by our very own Jen Thompson. If you've ever wanted to learn how to use rats, domes, and hairpieces to re-create the updos from the early 20th Century, you need to see this panel!

Props and Gadget Fabrication will be presented by Steve Liptak from Airship Nocturne. We'll learn how to modify existing items and building from scratch for use in costume accessories. Steve and his wife Deb attended All-Con and had some incredible props!"

This should be an excellent opportunity to learn and share a few skills to help us all with completing those costume goals.

Speaking of costumes and socializing, the day will end with a party -- the theme is "mourning," but it's sure to be a lively event!

Here is your chance to make that historical mourning costume you've always wanted to make, but didn't have a reason or place to wear it. If historical clothing doesn't appeal to you, try another take on the subject. Whether it's from your favorite movie or anything you can imagine, get creative and join in!

Why mourning? It's actually a take on the whole reason the retreat came to be. Some of our costumers were very sad and disappointed to realize they would not be able to join in other costume events. "Why not have a pity party?" and it grew from there!

So, instead of just making the best of the situation, we're going to make it quite the event to remember!

There will also be themed activities to make the party memorable -- check out the page to see more details, and don't forget to buy your tickets for the Costumers' Lost Weekend Retreat!

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