Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Costumers' Lost Weekend Time Travelers' Brunch

During the course of our fabulous Costumers' Lost Weekend event, we are going to learn things, dine together, and have a party.  Then Sunday morning we'll have one last opportunity to dress up and socialize with our costuming friends before the real world finds us again.

At 10am, CLW attendees will be gathering for brunch in costume at the Crowne Plaza restaurant.    The theme is Time Travelers' Brunch, so feel free to be as historically accurate or as fantastical as you like.  History and pop culture are filled with some very interesting characters who would fit right in on this theme.  The sky is the limit!

Because we are reserving a table for us all to be seated together, the Crowne Plaza has asked us to provide a final headcount of brunch attendees by Wednesday, July 25.  To make sure you have a seat for this last event at CLW, please visit our official Time Travelers' Brunch page and RSVP.  Please note that if you do not RSVP, you can still dress up and have brunch, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be seated near the group.

See you at Costumers' Lost Weekend!

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