Monday, August 12, 2013

August 2013 Sewing and Pattern Swap Day

This past Sunday the DFWCG hosted a sewing and pattern swap day at the Central Market in Dallas.  We had a nice turnout of some fun and talkative ladies.  

While only one person in the group actually did any pattern tracing, we had quite an outpouring of patterns to choose to trace from and drool over.  And we even had an actual vintage pattern giveaway due to the generosity of Lori who was cleaning out patterns that once belonged to her mother.  I didn't see what everybody else got, but I know the ones I took home with me are Fabulous and I can't wait to catalog them!

In addition to the pattern theme of the day, we also had a grommet press on hand and we put that thing to work!  

In all of this pattern and knowledge sharing, we discussed how we all tend to have a problem with remembering what patterns we have at home and how fabric store pattern sales end up resulting in us purchasing duplicates by accident.  Some of our more techy folks have put together their own databases.  But we also learned that there is something much more simple out there.  It's a nifty new App that can be used to catalog all of our patterns (among other things) called Springpad.  Go forth and download!  Then tell us how you are using your Springpad.

Our next guild event is the Business Meeting on Sept 7 at the Dallas Central Market at 2pm, then on Sept 21 & 22nd, we will meet up at the Antique Elegance show for some shopping.  More details about what time and where exactly we'll meet up will be forthcoming, just keep a lookout on our Facebook and Yahoo e-mailing list for those announcements.

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