Thursday, May 1, 2014

DFWCG 2014 Fantasy Frolic Picnic

On April 26th, the Dallas Ft Worth Costumers Guild (DFWCG) held their fantasy-themed picnic.

The year before was the first time they tried this event, and although weather caused them to create two separate dates so those who missed it the first time could join in the fun, it definitely seemed to be a potential "keeper" for the group.

This time, a new location was chosen since the previous one was in a small garden that was a little crowded. The Colleyville Nature Center offered many different spots to choose from, in a very quiet and secluded area. There are trails, little bridges, open areas with ponds... so many choices for relaxing in the shade, playing games, or posing for photographs.

The day was very windy and sunny (not to mention a little warmer than some of us might have expected), so we picked a shaded place where tall trees would help block most of the wind and a little sun. We followed a trail to an area set up with wooden benches and what could be used as a stage -- perhaps some talented fairies and pixies might consider entertaining the picnic-goers next time? That was a nice way to set up our food and have a seat for some light refreshment and conversation! The breeze blowing through the trees seemed almost magical and soothing, making it the most relaxing time.

Due to the wind, many opted for simpler garments, and this event is perfect for anyone interested in seeing what the DFWCG has to offer. The theme is fantasy, and the sky is the limit with interpreting the possibilities!

We had an elf and a fairy, but we also had steampunk-inspired fairy hunters and explorers, and even a Neverland pirate! Many of the members were quite busy with so many projects, and they found the chance to wear costumes they had not worn in so long, as well as create new outfits from the various selections in their wardrobes.

Of course, photos were taken and you may view them in any of the following albums:

 Needless to say, picnics are a wonderful way to have a very relaxing and enjoyable time -- they are fast-becoming a favorite with many of the DFWCG members, and it is quite a fun time to see just "who" will join us for this particularly magical Fantasy Frolic!

Here are a few glimpses from that day:

We hope we "catch" you at this fun event next year! ;)


  1. What a great description of the activities, and of the day. You brought me into the middle of it :)

    1. Thanks for the reply, Mary! We would love to have more costumers join us, so it's a nice way to share what we do and encourage others to try attending at least one of the various events to check it out! :)

  2. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the festivities. Glad you had a great time! Sue Elseewi

    1. Thanks for checking it out and for the reply! Best Wishes, Sue! :)