Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look for weekend Blogging

Hi all. This weekend is the much anticipated (by me anyways) All-Con convention in Dallas. I plan on being Very busy at and around our Club Table this weekend. In addition to greeting everyone who walks by, I plan on playing photographer for the Guild. We'd love to take Tons of photographs of All the great costumes around the con, so please stop by our table and indulge us!

I'll be posting all photographs on Flickr under the tag allcon2009dfwcg. If you search that tag, you'll be able to find each and every photograph I take. I'll also be giving out little Photo Op tags to people whose photograph I take and the tags will have the Flickr tag on them in case anyone forgets.

Also, if you've signed up for our Yahoo e-mail list, please let me know who you are. I have Guild Groupie tags for you to add to your Con Badge. You should be able to tell who of us are Guild Members by the badges we are wearing. And I'm working on getting other little special tags made for fun too, so even if you've resisted us thusfar, we'd still love to meet you and see what you're wearing.

Happy Con Prep!

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