Friday, October 19, 2012

Costumers' Lost Weekend 2013

We're at it again!

We had so much fun at Costumers' Lost Weekend this summer that immediately after our exit polls were in we decided to go ahead and start planning for another one.  Yes, that's right.  We felt so good about your positive feedback that we are indeed making Costumers' Lost Weekend an annual event.  And we felt it was important to get started planning right away so you all would have plenty of time to prepare for next Summer.

So without further ado...

The DFW Costumers Guild is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Costumers' Lost Weekend will be held on June 29 - 30, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza in Addison, TX.

We will be bringing you all that you loved in 2012 plus a little bit more.  We are committed to a slow, steady growth so that we can give you more for your money while still feeling like an intimate event.

In 2013, we are adding workshops to Sunday's events.  Yes, workshops.  Saturday will be lecture style like it was this year, but on Sunday, we will have at least two hands on workshops.  We will be in the same classroom as last year, but we will have an additional space to work with.  We decided to go ahead and rent out the Hospitality Suite that was located directly across the hall.  This extra space will allow us to have a private gathering space near the classroom.  Also, the Hospitality Suite is a snack and drink permissible area.  In addition, we will be utilizing the Hospitality Suite during our Saturday night party for various reasons yet to come.

And speaking of the Saturday night party, we are really excited about our theme this year!  If you noticed the new picture in our logo, you might guess what it is.

Dust off those masks and ballgowns because we are throwing a proper Masquerade Party!  Just like in 2012, this theme is very broad.  The only strong suggestion for dress is that it be some sort of masquerade.  Use your imagination and dress for any fandom, genre, or point in history.  I am looking forward to seeing all sorts of masks and disguises at this party!  And if you get every piece of  your costume ready except for your mask, don't fret, we're going to have a mask building table on hand to help you out.

Stay tuned to this blog for announcements on the panels we will have scheduled for you.  We will begin calling for panelist submissions very soon, so if you have a panel you would like to teach, watch for that as well.  And also stay tuned for an announcement for the Sunday costumed breakfast theme.

Excited yet?  Well, here's where you get your tickets:

Eventbrite - Costumers' Lost Weekend 2013

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