Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No Rain on Our Parade


It was a close call, but we lucked out and the thunderstorms rolled in earlier than was originally predicted.  We were afraid we might have to rain check our Picnic with the Pixies, but by 10am we were just dealing with cloudy skies and the occasional sprinkle.

Unfortunately, the weather brought in all kinds of nasties that prevented many of our usual suspects from attending, but we had quite a few new faces joining us and so the turnout was quite good in spite of missing our regular friends.

This was our first time hosting an event at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens.  Since we have active members from all the far flung reaches of the DFW Metroplex, we are always looking for event locations that are easier to get to for everyone.  I am so happy that we have found this garden!  It is central to most of our active members, it's a Beautiful spot, it's Free, we can bring our own food in, and as an added bonus it is dog friendly.  In fact, we enjoyed this location so much that we are contemplating making it a regular site for casual sewing and photo social picnics.

The place in the gardens we chose to use for our picnic was where the covered pavilion is located.  It is a lovely little pavilion with stone seating and a nice podium table where we could pile up all of our food.  Speaking of food, we had quite the spread to munch on!  Pretty much everyone brought something good to eat.  We even had a full gluten-free section as one of out attendees had special food requirements.

At a All-Con this March, we reconnected with some friends in the Ball Jointed Doll community.  They were interested in the idea of bringing their elven and pixie dolls to the picnic to photograph with us.  I'm glad they were able to make it out.

Those sweet dolls were so much fun to play with!  And I understand that the dolls had as much fun posing and playing as we did.

The photo ops weren't just reserved for the dolls.  A few of our attendees worked on their Regency period posing as outlined in Scene in the Past's blog about Regency poses.

As usual, we turned out to be quite a photogenic bunch!

Here's what other attendees had to say about our picnic.

Scene in the Past

All photos courtesy P. Crandall Polk and Jennifer Thompson.

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