Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Costumers' Lost Weekend 2013 Parties

One of the most fun parts of Costumers' Last Weekend is getting to know our fellow costumers.  Several of us already know one another from regular local events, but there are many folks who come and go from our events who we are just getting to know, or who are visiting the area and we may only get to see once per year.  Socializing and networking with one another is such an important part of being a part of a supportive creative community.

This year instead of hosting one nice evening party and a Sunday brunch, we are adding on another social activity designed specifically for us to casually get to know one another before the panels get started on Saturday and we're hustling back and forth between our rooms and the class area.  This is something we almost did last year, but we weren't sure how many people would be staying in the hotel on Friday night.  At this time, we are planning to host this get together in the hotel bar area downstairs.  However, if it turns out that we were able to secure the hospitality suite for Friday night, we will host the gathering there.  Keep an eye out on our schedule to see what time we expect to start mingling on Friday night.  You don't have to be staying in the hotel in order to attend and there is no RSVP.  Just show up whenever and however you are and have a good time.  We'll have board games out to play and I imagine some of us will be crafting as well.

One of our favorite events from last year was our Saturday evening Mourning Party.  Our costumers really pulled out all the stops for a grandly dressed party of happy faced "mourners".  For 2013, we really weren't sure how we could top that party.  But in looking back all these years over our original requests for parties that we could never afford to throw, one request kept jumping out at us - a Masquerade Ball.  So we said, "why not?"  We already had offers for a few decorations, so again, "why not?"

This year we will be adding the Hospitality Suite across the hall from Maple to the party area on Saturday evening.  That should give us more space and a better separation of the party theme areas.  We're adding a Silent Auction and we'll have light snacks (in the Hospitality Suite Only).  We're also bringing back the craft table where we'll have some little masks to decorate while we socialize.  And of course, our photo area will be returning again so we can all get wonderful pictures of our outfits.  I can't wait to see what everyone wears for this!!!

If you have any decorations you would like to loan to the Masquerade Party, please contact Maggie.  All decorations will need to be dropped off prior to 5pm on Saturday and you will be expected to take them back with you no later than Sunday at Noon.

Parties summary:

Friday evening - Friday Night Meet & Greet
Saturday evening - Masquerade Party
Sunday morning - Brunch on the Orient Express (RSVP coming soon)

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