Thursday, May 2, 2013

You asked for it, we got it!

When Costumers' Lost Weekend began as tiny hope and then developed into determination, the CLW committee put out a survey of the kinds of panels our potential attendees wanted to attend.  Far and above the other requests, hat making panels were the popular choice.  Not just one kind of hat panel, but several kinds of hat panels requested several times over.  Unfortunately we couldn't make a hat panel happen last year.  But this year we have delivered!

Sharon Sullivan of Dream Hats fame has graciously agreed to teach us the basics of buckram hat blocking.  If you've attended All-Con, or Anime Fest, or Fen Con in Dallas, then you've likely seen Sharon's work in person.  You can also see her hats year around at Dallas Pin Up in Deep Ellum.

Follow her Facebook page for all sorts of hat inspiration photos and also for pictures of her adorable cats.

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